Projekt Baerwaldbad - Restoration
Zukunftsbau is mainly involved in organising renovation works in the historic listed building of the Baerwaldbad. Step by step, parts of the bath house are renovated or repaired on small building sites where painting work and joinery is performed by the young adults from the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Jobcenter. Information on the individual projects can be found by following the links below.
» Renovation of the historic staircases
The first big building project was the renovation of both staircases in the original building
» The changing cubicles in the historic swimming pool
A significant difficulty for the reconstruction work was in the old historic swimming pool
» Replacement of the main doors
One task in the project was the replacement of the staircase doors and the door to the main entrance
» Carved wooden figures
The figures return: allegorical wooden carvings on the middle posts of the poolside changing cubicles
» Sport and exercise room
The demolition and renovation works in an unused room in the Baerwaldbad