Projekt Baerwaldbad - Partners

The Association for Diving, Swimming and Popular Sports (Der Verein für Tauchen, Schwimmen und Breitensport / TSB e.V.) is the leaseholder of the Baerwaldbad and has run the bath house on Baerwaldstraße since 2002. Only thanks to the many years of mostly voluntary work by the association and its members is the bath house still open for swim sessions for schools and swimming clubs and, at certain times, open to the general public. The renovation work, which is being carried out as part of the Baerwaldbad Project, is therefore taking place at a fully operational swimming baths.
The cooperation and project partners of the Baerwaldbad project, or Conservation of the Baerwaldbad Monument through Vocational Training, can be accessed by following the links below.
» Cooperation partners
The Baerwaldbad project is only made possible by the cooperation of different partners. Their contributions to the success of the project and contact details can be found by following this link.